GTA V at 4K with a Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ GTX 980TI

Camera: Nokia Lumia 930
Video Editor: Vegas Pro
  • thessa lonikios

    sorry but can a motherboard with ddr2 ram read ddr5 card? sorry for my bad English.

  • LetsComputeTech

    Hey i have Intel celeron 1150 slot 1 GB RAM and Titan x (works found in garbage, needed new fan and thermal paste replace)i have ultra settings but my CPU is having only 19 % bottleneck. IM lying... i mean i have laptop core i3 5005u and 8 GB RAM and i want to run gta 5 on lowest settings and tweaks, but it posts gta 5 stopped working. Cuzz i think it detects Intel graphics. pls help

  • Pauleh

    You lost me at the Alienware case.

  • Splash ™

    Now is time for 1080 Ti xD

  • hellsburn oner

    core 2 quad fan here...hell yea

  • Consul Tante

    Ich habe mir die gleichen Dinger besorgt. Eigentlich für Mining ;-)



  • snackysnacks

    Camera: Nokia Lumia 930Video Editor: Vegas Pro some pro equipment your using huh

  • kati takacs

    Q9650 i3 6100 raper?

  • Zeuxain

    Whats with the sad emo music u weeabo

  • Minh VN Minecraft

    Turn off the VSync. It will give you more than 60FPS in GTA V

  • Raziel Feliz

    your core 2 quad q9450 is overclockerd a 3.5 ghz?

  • Venn

    what if u just pair the q9450 with the gtx 1050 2gb, will it still bottleneck that huge?

  • MrGHLover107

    There's a physx option from nvidia to put more stress on the gpu than the cpu

  • Choi-Bit Gaming

    I mean uhm, its not that bad of an avg of 40fps, its playable for sure.(Im rockin a q8400 and 750ti)

  • Zeus Zabati

    Maxis Enderson my is...Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0GHz8GB RAMGTX 980 tiSo can still get 60fps like yours...?

  • Soheib grabsi

    the graphics card is the most important part in any build

  • TR Portal

    you dont core 2 quad fakee

  • Hugo Takayama

    core2quad q9450@ 3519.70 mhz

  • Pc Gamerboyz

    bottlenecking to the max

  • Ozi Gutierrez

    1:41 That is not 4k.

  • dimitrieavram

    Dope - Paranoia (1st song)


    Its like 2016 Ferrari With 95 ford escort Motor

  • Stelt

    mine gets 55 average fps, clocked at 3,6ghz with msi hawk r9 270x 2gb and 2x4gb ddr3 on asus p5e64 ws evolution and psu chieftec 600w eco

  • Hun Tube

    This cpu its s775 ?????

  • andres mauricio gonzalez monrroy

    how you get de cpu to 3.2 hwen its default is 2.66 can you showme the way thankz

  • Renan Lopes

    In fact the real bottleneck is 8X AA, if you disable AA the game should run fine.

  • Brisou394

    32% GPU load.. Yes because the Q9450 is not going faster so you only use 32% of your gpu..

  • m.a

    Awesome the best bottleneck ever lol

  • Lukas H.

    i have intel core 2 duo e7500, gt 1030 and 8gb ramwill it run at 1080p low or medium ??

  • MrKillua

    This is why i keep saying My 10 y old q9550 combo pc is the best thing i ever bought for a pc

  • đạt nguyễn

    Ram ddr2 buss 800 ???

  • MrLa Duck

    an almost 10 year old CPU is more powerful than the current gen consoles cpus

  • Shameer Malik

    40+ fps not that bad.

  • Repcak ΩΩΩ

    i have :intel core 2 quad q94002*2 gb ram ddr2 800mhzgraphic gigabyte ge force gt 730 gddr5 2 gb van i run it ???

  • doctorletsplay

    Core 2 Quad is unbelievably overpowered

  • Raziel Feliz

    what motherboard is and how do you do overclocked?

  • TutorTudo

    meu canal terá varios video sobre 775 em games<<bora la em breve varios videos xeon,q9550,rx460,rx470 e varios outros

  • Bob Der Baumeister

    man kann doch mit einem gtx 750ti Oder r9 280x oder gtx 670 mit i5 2400 alles auf sehr hoch einstellen oder

  • Alexei Gron

    percent in the too freaked out hahaha

  • jboydgolfer1

    you should have had 1920's music in the would have been more fitting that ancient cpu...also that song is gay

  • dittyobrien

    Gaaaaaaylienware sigh

  • 1 anmator 3 mikrofona

    Du lieneum schweine !

  • Zeuxain

    Whats with the sad emo music?

  • Kenneth Space

    Why q9450 has a 3.2Ghz? Actually shoud be a 2.8 seems

  • jonathanciclon7777 dragster07

    The best core 2 greetings from uruguay

  • Gamers king dom

    how did you show the details of both your cpu and gpu plz?

  • Lapocabo4444

    #C2Q 9450 is not bad at all if well O.C (arround 4/4.2GHz) 9450/9550/9650 still a cool deal on ultra budget gaming 2016 but it need to set perfectly ( high-end mobo or on DDR3 10600) 2008/2009 is spécially recommended to reach maximum rate on O.C) it will follow without problem 760/770/780/960/970 on solid 55/60FPS minimum over 90/110 in max if you set lower (980TI/1060/1070 will run on ultra but not enough in minimum better to set it on 1050TI max for DX12) on triple AAA game actually,

  • xVeris.

    980 Ti but you have shit core 2 quad, you could buy for that money good i5 and gtx 960/970=80-60fps

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