Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB vs GTX 960 4GB - Fallout 4

Does 2GB make a difference? It does, and by quite a bit with Fallout 4. In this video I compared both the standard GTX 960 2GB edition with the GTX 960 4GB edition to see if the extra 2GB made a difference with Fallout 4.

Ultra Settings 1080p Preset

The Processor I used was the Intel Pentium G3258. Whilst the 4GB version did run at about 5-10 more FPS, I still experienced frame dips when in built up areas like Diamond City, most probably due to the processor, or because Diamond City is quite an unoptimized part of the game. These could not be felt when playing the game though, and so it was a smooth all round experience.

Intel Pentium G3258 Processor @ 4GHz Overclocked.
MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard
8GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Ram Memory
Corsair 500w PSU
250GB generic Hard Drive
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
Zotac GTX 960 2GB
Zotac GTX 960 4GB

Thanks for watching :)
  • mr. Hardy

    Hi, just asking around. im trying to buy a budget gaming desktop an found this build advertised. does this build worth the money, and can it plays games like dota 2, far cry 3, crysis2, latest CoD games with high setting and good fps?I dont know much about pc. any suggestion ?Tq 502 usd Intel core i3 6100 Msi h110 pro motherboard Msi gtx960 with 2gb oc 8gb ddr 4 ram 120 gb ssd 450w power supply

  • asuspentium4

    No hay casi diferencia entre una y otra, son casi iguale en rendimiento, la de 4GB puede sacar ventaja en resoluciones mas altas a 1080P, encima ese micro es muy chico para esas placas, no esta bien hecho el test.

  • josef733

    Yeah I'm glad I chose the 4gb option 11 months ago, better future proofing and was only $10 more.

  • Peach Ranger

    I'm currently on a i5-6400 stock speeds with an evga 960 2gb ftw, think fallout will run good for me at high if i drop shadows and godrays? thanks!, i'm considering on buying the game :P

  • Bruno Ferreira

    You should have made this test using windows 10 not windows 7, because windows 10 offer ram shared with vram this really helps 2gb card.

  • Sonic Cλsh

    Will it run okay with an intel core i5 3.4 ghz? sorry if it's obvious

  • Vegard Ulven

    just set the graphic settings to medium high and u are good to gi with both

  • alzathoth

    i want to play F4 on a laptop. can you give me an example or 2 of the best performance for the value?

  • Mohd Asri Ismail

    you vid is great..but 1 thing you forgot to show us, it is video resolution in the game..high vram high resolution you can apply

  • MrDiamondGamer

    Should i get Xbox One for Those big games? or PC? But pc has GeForce GRX 960 4460 2GB or xbox one? what should i get?!?!?!?!?!?? PLEASE TELL ME

  • Indigo Prophet

    Thanks for the video brother!

  • Grant Howard

    Which graphics card would you prefer for Doom 4 and for 4K video editing? And I'm new with this and learning but does the amount of ram the graphics card have really make a difference between the 2GB and 4GB?

  • GroundShock

    This is on a pendium cool

  • W LB

    If you get a better processor you should get with 2gb around the 60 fps and with 4gb more

  • George Thomas

    Thanks for the informative vid. I see you've had plenty of practise with the Molotov.

  • Marco44th

    because fallout 4 use 4gb of vram4

  • Mafia Leader Unknown

    CybertronPC-PalladiumIntel core i3-61008GB RAM memoryAMD Radeon R7 3601TB of hardrive memoryprocessor speed 3.7 gigahertz500 watt power supply Can I run GTA 5 ,fallout 4 ,on high or very high settings with this ?I know the graphics car isn't too good but ,can I switch it to MSI GeForce gtx 960 card 2GB?

  • Infinity man

    Wow. From 37 FPS (GTX 960 2GB) to 50 FPS (GTX 960 4GB). For me it is worth it , the biggest FPS is the best FPS, right?


    Can i run some good games with this computer?Windows 10 Home 64Intel® Core™ i5-6400 (2,7 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 kärnor)NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 (2 GB GDDR5)8 GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)128 GB SATA SSD + 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA

  • Lovebagare

    Nicee video , thankss i

  • blaster12v

    nice vid..question> is your Monitor only 50hz?? why only 49 FPS..??..

  • Mario Torlone

    what settings are they on ?

  • Papa Poi

    thanks for the video, just picked up a 4gb version on amazon for $166 which was $10 more than the 2gb version, made me feel better about the decision. should be better than the 750ti that i am using now.

  • Chris J

    bottlenecked with cpu

  • liam dare

    what are the graphics settings that you had selected in the gameplay?

  • Naame Zeero

    Does the 4gb version have lower cpu usage compared to the 2gb?

  • Zurc

    Are those frames while recording?

  • Kain

    What if you drop the resolution down to 720p on the 2gb card? Maybe a 5 to 10-ish increase (or is that being to optimistic?)

  • Carts Playz

    When I realise the video is by my favourite tech youtuber. RandomGaminginHD, waht don't you do?

  • Zazzilas Arden

    So basically the 4GB matters in games that have a lot of textures loading in. That's good to know. Thanks.

  • Amiga Wolf

    A big difference, very happy i bought the 4GB version, i even see usage of 3704 MB when i play Fallout 4 on 2560x1080.

  • Chew Rui Zhe

    Nice video..seemed like 4g is better with higher fps

  • GroundShock

    Also I got from this video that the 2gb is better value?

  • Logan Braveheart

    bro this was a big help

  • Antonijo Ivčić

    can you help mei have fx 8320 3.5 GHz8 gb ddr3 1866MHzGTX 960 gaming 4 gbPSU: Corsair CX Modular Series CX750M, 750 Watt, ATXmotherboard:MSI 970A-G43 (SAM3+,DDR3,SATA III,RAID,LAN,USB 2.0/3.0) ATX BoxCan i play gta v on ultra settings:55-60 fps?or very high sett.60 fps?Please answer.and nice video!

  • Blackjack 335

    Is the performance any different from 960M or they're the same?

  • alex little

    is asus gtx 960 turbo 4gb better than gtx 960 4gb

  • Chris J

    bottlenecked with cpu

  • cj wars

    got 4bg oc and hold 60-70 range no over clock

  • smint0

    cant see the difference :/ 2GB is also very good... okei.. if you are geek then probably not. It looks like "big cars small dicks" difference.

  • garrus vakarian

    i have a question, my gpu is gtx 750 2gb non ti, can i overclock it somehow to match the power of the ti version?And if i can tell me how :D

  • esperCELL

    years ago reviewers tested and their conclusion is 2gb isnt any different than 4gbnowadays games running higher on vram the differences is becoming more apparent I'm glad i had the 4gb and i can run ultra preset on every game with smooth gameplay.

  • Donny

    will the 4g version work good with my i7 4790 non k?

  • janne seppänen

    any clue how my would work i have i7 870 and nvidia geforce 960??

  • FB Guillermo

    Great vid I have a similar build

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