GTA 5 GTX 750 TI High Q6600 Overclock 3.0 (GTA V Pc Online)

Music - Cameron Alan - Funk You

Grabando con
Recording whit - Shadowplay

Resolution - 1920 x 1080

Fps - MSI


Cpu - core 2 quad Q6600 3.0 OC
Ram - 6gb 1333 ddr3
Gpu - Asus GTX 750 ti OC 2 gb
Power Supply - 525w Cooler master extrem
Mother - gigabyte G41MT -S2
  • XxAdyxX98

    Did you do the tape oveclock trick or legit overclock ?

  • Vert Tech

    same motherboard with mecan u tell me how to overclock those cpu?and wut version bios mobo u use it?

  • Grant

    My Pc is also Q6600&GTX 750ti, is the overclock necessary?What's the benefits? I usually play dota2.

  • Johnku

    Just 30 fps? Can you run it at 60 fps?

  • SilkStreets

    I don't understand how you get it to run so well. i have the same CPU clocked at 3ghz as well and i can barely get to 30fps on minimum settings. it's not my gpu because while playing my gpu barely hits 50% usage.

  • Maciek

    song name :) ? aa btw i like this video men ;) thanks for test

  • tomoszz

    Hi, is it worth getting this card for my q6660?

  • Tensa Zangetsu

    wow same fps with i3 6100 and i3 4th gen at 1080p with the gtx750ti..

  • GamePlayNoobs GPN

    How did you manage to make an OC that MB? Thkx

  • sodium hypochlorite

    Without oc could i run it 720 mideum +30 fps

  • Tensa Zangetsu

    wow same fps with i3 6100 and i3 4th gen at 1080p with the gtx750ti..

  • The Baniels

    Que refrigeración usas?

  • Daniel Pena

    Same specs, except I have a different motherboard and RAMMB: Asus p5k-epuRAM: 6gb of 667mhz ramWill it run the same?

  • Sun- -Shine

    lol the bottleneck is real. A q6600 matches a q9650 stock. Hence they are of the same 65nm yourkfield architecture. Might as well just get a q9650. Also they can clock to 4.5ghz will a good mobo and good cooling.

  • RandomLegos

    What did you use to compress this video?

  • Carvanni Andrew

    the music is gay and terrible af

  • Andrej Bocevski

    Hello can you tell me what cooling you have on CPU need model?

  • Andrej Sefcik

    It seems like bottleneck :D (cpu: 100% gpu: 70%)

  • Gabriel santos

    bug gpu use, set resolution for 1080p

  • osama Khan

    bro i m getting 25 30 fps on very high and high settings on core 2 duo e8400 3.0ghz 8gb ram gtx 750 2gb oc in gta v online,I am getting core 2 quad i want to know that how much fps will i get on core 2 quad q9650 3.0ghz 8gb ram gtx 750 2gb oc.1280x1024 resolution

  • Fernando Salazar

    If you OverClock it to 3.3Ghz it will play better, also add more Ram as well.

  • Santi Gamer178

    Core 2 duo quad 6600,8gb ram ddr3,gts 250 1 gb

  • Lord Gamer

    does it go down 30 fps :/

  • waffle Nator

    did you underclock the ram to 1333??

  • Tensa Zangetsu

    wow same fps with i3 6100 and i3 4th gen at 1080p with the gtx750ti..

  • caracuero w

    Cual es el pograma amarillo que te indica la cpu gpu ect. ?

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