Mad Max Xeon E5450(Q9650) GTX 750ti 1080p (max settings) 4GB RAM

I lost 5-8 frames because of recording
CPU: Intel Xeon E5450 (Q9650) @ 3.60 ghz Overclocked
MB: Asus P5q se
RAM: 4 GB Ddr2 800 Mhz
GPU: Geforce gtx 750 ti 2 gb
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  • Kokos Lacoste

    stepping is C0 or E0?

  • MrOGP

    Hello Bro! Another Nice Video, it really helps Alot if gamers who are having a bottleneck ram. Uhmm i will ask about Batman arkham knight, bcuz it seems You are not responding to your past videos. On your video You are having a frame drop, did you try to lower your Texture and other graphics settings? And You Said that 4gb ram is not enough,But There is a Vram(Virtual ram) Upgrade. By Paging File, Arkham knight requires 6Gb vram and you can set your paging file/vram and i set it on 6gb but i can also it to 8gb. Will It increase Fps And Dont frame drop again? specsWin8.1 64BitGtx 750 ti 2gbA4-400 IntegratedIll copy n paste this to your Batman Arkham knight video also. Replying Will be much appreciated. ASAP:)

  • john garcia

    hi sir good day.. i have asus p5 q deluxe and q9650 3.0 4gb ram 800mhz and i cant run my evga gtx 750 ti ftw.. 450 psu windows 7 64 bit i allready upgrade my bios to the latest version..pls need help sir thanks sir

  • tran duy

    can i ask you some my laptop just 4gb can i play it ???

  • HexDanFPV


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