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I5 4460

    if you use the 6600 , ram must have 8 GB

  • Simrah Ansari

    can you please tell me which cpu I should buy, a corei5 or a core2quad . I am really confusing please help

  • Buzz crackers

    Can anyone help.... I have a intel xeon x5460 @3.16ghz..a gt 1030 gpu.. 4 gb ddr2 ram... g31m-es2l motherboard.. Will this all work together for smooth gameplay?

  • FakeGamer

    Q6600 with 8GB ram will destroy every 4th gen i5

  • Jakes Budget Builds

    Sub to me to watch my benchmarks on the C2Q~

  • mohammad talha

    it is unfair to fight between i5and q6600 ..but q6600 is still doing well and it is cheap second hand market

  • ThUg Gamer

    Who still use shit quad

  • Jerahya

    so you compared core2quad with 4GB with i5 with 8GB for? not only that Q6600 is the slowest in c2q. you could have compared it with Q9450 or Q9550 with equal ram.

  • Manuel G

    How Stupid is that?The CPU does not matter if the GPU is a MASSIVE Bottleneck..wouldn't run better on a 7700k @ 5.0 ghz..

  • kartons\كرتون

    good is exemple nice

  • Mahdi S.M

    have Gt 730 2gbg640 2.8 gh6 gb ramcan i run Gta V

  • Sombra

    bottleneck by graphic card is insane..of course i5 4460 is way better

  • Luciano Nedken

    Vc tinha que colocar tmb 8gb no core2quad

  • William H

    The 290 dislikes are from people still running the Q6600.

  • Savage

    Is intel core i3 good ?

  • deepak jaware

    Can someone one help me... Which graphic I should but for this game??

  • Cdpp18

    I have a Q9550 on 3.0GHZ 6gb ram and 6870, can play the game on very high but driving the game slow to 24 fps, and the game when up the ram more that 4gb freeze every 5 seconds, is the ram the problem? 4gb and 2gb ddr3 1333ghz

  • JotaCê Gamer

    Can anybody help me ??? I have a Celeron Dual Core E3400 2.6ghz overclocked to 3.2 and it only gets 100 ° C (or 212 ° F in the US) all the time, what will it be ??

  • Gladiador

    Porque nao colocaram quad+8gb , i5+4gb seria justo num fode ne

  • M.Ibrahim Rathòre

    I have q6600 2.4ghz 6gb ram ddr2 can it run gta v?

  • RainYou

    i have duo quad v4800 card hd medium 60 fps wut ? 6gb ram

  • Michał Kozłowski

    7 years of difference and we have 10 fps more on i3 4460. Intel c'mon...

  • Jack J

    The Q6600 holds up pretty well to a cpu that can cost literially 40 times its price.

  • Lestat Oliveira

    wtf pq por mais RAM num?

  • Slava:712 A

    У тебя оочень слабая видеокарта для I5

  • Saurav Kumar

    how will the core 2 quad q6600(stock) perform with a gt1030 2gb ddr5 GPU 8gb ddr3 ram can i get the same fps like your pc? plz.. reply will give u 5 subscribers! one in advance!

  • Arcade Party

    Should have used a titan

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