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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
  • Juan Pablo 620

    Dude from fallout 3?

  • Anne Frank

    I kinda lost dogmeat... HELP

  • Cesar Jair Ramos Manzanilla

    No entendí lo de red rocket

  • Vladimir Putin


  • poop

    Great artwork. The humor is very subpar.

  • Dion Culpepper

    4:22 the Simpsons lol

  • Nathan m

    also plase explain something how does a mini nuke only kill 1 person when it looks simi populated

  • TheDrunkMexicano

    I'm so glad i found this channel lol

  • HDeppix_101

    So ends the story of the Shez Wanderer

  • Paul Anderson

    Not sure I understand the Red Rocket - gross joke.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    I found 8 Easter eggs 2 puns I love this channel🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dion Culpepper

    The cartoon of the cartoon show Futurama 5:27 character

  • dvillger

    wait he made it with a stick wow 17:56

  • Cresentking 3

    Dogmeat (Playful bark)

  • Nathan m

    let me check with my advance hardware que dail up sounds

  • Richard Pimenov

    A PornHub building hahaha

  • bobbies81

    Did anyone see in the beginning on one of the post sign saying simsons

  • Game hacker E

    Hmm? One subject live Hmm... NAME believe

  • Allen Prince Gamboa

    7:33 fallout 3 references boiiiiii

  • arthur filho


  • Eric Helfrich

    noooooooo!!! nick valentine cant die!!!

  • TeddyBearToons

    Technology... Technology never changes.But He made a fat man out of sticks, duct tape and screws?!? HOW?

  • Llama Momma

    R. E. d. r. o. c. K. e. TGet it?Rekt?

  • Hatake Kakashi

    Even if there isn’t a karma system in the game... karma will always get you

  • Edgar Servellon

    8:46 freakin Nick Valentine COCKS a DOUBLE BARREL shotgun

  • C-MAN3803

    Do you want the ball duke?😂 throws dogmeat😂😂😂

  • akamadman

    5:41 oo easter egg nice delorean

  • Tsunami

    9:35 Mad max refrence

  • Elpixion Jack

    what was the thing at the end supposed to be, is it in the legit game (like if you dont leave the vault for x amount of days when you do leave that shows up) or is it just a thing for this animation

  • fayaz azad

    Really........ hilarious 👍 bro keep it up, keep making more videos

  • Bruce s

    i saw the spaceship ;)

  • Alexandre Charest

    He would have need the pip boy to get out of the vault

  • A B and C Carmine

    Why did he saw ewwwwwww when he went into red rocket

  • Kyle The Jolteon

    Oh Look! V I R T U R A L R E A I L T Y!

  • L The

    Dogmeat a weapon to surpass metal gear

  • BloodStorm Wolf

    6:11 how pre war fatmen were made

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