Fallout 4 Performance Mod – Texture Optimization Project Mod Comparison

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Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay

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There are a lot of performance improving Mods for Fallout 4 – we compare the mod Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project with vanilla (unmodded original) Fallout 4. We used FRAPS for frame rate measuring and MSI Afterburner to measure VRAM usage. Please be aware that the vram is being influenced by the capturing program as well as the operating system.Texture Optimization Project exchanges vanilla textures with compressed and resized ones that require less vram and give a performance boost. The mods has a few bugs. Grass looks worse and sometimes single textures won't load.
Es gibt mittlerweile viele Mods um die Performance von Fallout 4 zu verbessern, eine davon ist die Texture Optimization Project Mod, die wir mit einem Vanilla (also ohne Mods) Fallout 4 vergleichen. Zur FPS Messung haben wir FRAPS benutzt, zum auslesen der VRAM Belastung MSI Afterburner. Bitte beachtet, dass der VRAM vom Aufnahmeprogramm und dem Betriebssystem beeinflusst wird. Die Texture Optimization Project Mod tauscht die Original-Texturen gegen besser komprimierte Texturen aus, die weniger Speicherbedarf haben und damit die Leistung des Spiels spürbar steigern.

Music: Blue Planet – Digital Juice

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  • TheTerminationXVI

    TBH you guys are just looking for problems to rant about. Fuck you cause performance ain't an issue when I play this game. Fucking retards. Check for things you did wrong not things the developers did wrong.

  • Faaters

    I can not find Archive2

  • Greeko85

    At times being a PC gamer makes me happy and sad at the same time-I'm happy that there's people willing to invest time and effort in releasing patches that improve the overall experience of games but its so sad to see the developers not putting the same effort in their own project.

  • Mighty luck

    hey guys is it worth it to instal this mod if i have 8gb VRAM from my gpu

  • Ace KC

    Raises the loading times a lot. Nothing for me.

  • Dmitry Shepard

    вроде стабильнее геймплей, но ради 5 fps...

  • James Bruce

    The draw distance was even worse

  • FukiyaFhane

    I have 8gb of 4500mhz vram. Will lower textures afect my fps?

  • Iker Hidalgo

    He|, Great Enthusiavm husky burly What's your opinion about this,$guys 1!

  • Anthony B

    Take the load off Bethesda. Take the load for free.

  • Boss PK

    wow, it saves alot of video memory.

  • ch sf

    1k takes less mb and is very good

  • spacecoke

    More proof that bethesda should atick with publishing because they suck ass at developing.

  • Guilherme Oraggio #Bolsonaro2018

    good for 4gb ram pc's

  • CrashBurnman95

    the bushes look so terrible with the mod

  • Sean kavanagh

    I think they uploaded a fix for grass

  • Excellent Gaming

    How to install this motherfucking shit?????

  • Aleksandr Novikov

    O M G ! ! ! -40% RAM + FPS +objects

  • The False Rabbi

    I just don't understand the performance in this game. I have an 860m nvidia gpu. Its not great, but it can certainly run this game. First off, 4 months after release, I still have to change the ini files in order to make the game launch. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN FIXED??? Second, the performance is ALL OVER THE PLACE. On low settings at 1080p, the framerate will go anywhere from 60fps with some gpu power to spare, to 30 in big gunfights with lots of trees and shit to even 20 indoors for some reason. The 860m is about on par with the 550Ti (Min spec req). I just don't understand what is using my gpu power, and often, gpu usage decreases and framerate drops together. WHY????? I can even run the Witcher 3 at med-high settins at 900p with few drops below 30fps, and somehow this game, with textures which has easily visible pixels and all, is hardly running any better! I am fine with bad graphics to be honest, but if they are bad, I expect some damn good performance, and Fallout 4 somehow isn't delivering either of those responses. Anybody have ideas on how to fix? I have tried everything.

  • Reactem

    I've gotten better performance using the vivid mods using the low/1k/best choice files

  • Charlotte Linlin

    what is this vanilla thing ?

  • Chris Hansen

    entitled kids complaining about the mod even though it doesnt look that worse and increases fps dramatically

  • Sammy Saint

    how much fps i can get more?

  • Madjinn Sayan

    what res are you playing at ?

  • Paul Joshua

    I find it weird that some of the tiny rocks are classified as "grass objects". Some of the modded shots featured more grass and tiny rocks. Probably the engine detects better performance thus spawns more objects. Am I right?

  • Miguel Ferrandis Perez

    if I put this on my game is going to need some update for the mod? and would it work with the new dlcs? I'm new at modding

  • Turky Balls

    is this mod compatible with things like GraFix? or will it mess everything up O.o

  • 大神

    I still can't find a fix for the stuttering. :(

  • yaboivinny

    yall really complaining about grass..?

  • Gigaton

    what ever you guys do DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD all it does is half your fps it does not increase performance AT ALL

  • Arc27x

    Increased a lot the fps in the area near to diamond city, which gave me a lot of troubles, (stuttering, etc) thanks!

  • The1andOnly 115

    Don't see the differences..

  • Michał Suntharam

    Holy shit! 20fps? Now THAT'S a performance increase!

  • Gaming Wimp

    Hey guys I never played any fallout game and I am planning to buy fallout 3 because it's compatible with the Xbox one and I can play it, it's $15. Is it worth it and will it be enjoyable? Thanks

  • the AWPerative

    this needs to be on xbox, who agrees with me?

  • Big Retard

    Being graphically blind (if that's thing) is pretty cool! I don't know much of a difference and my game runs better! Wow!

  • Actic

    Yeah well the foliage looks like shit with that mod. Sorry but not sorry

  • Last Dragonborn

    Holy fucking shit, the vram usage...

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