Fallout 4 – PC Low vs. Medium vs. High vs. Ultra Detailed Graphics Comparison

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Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay

We compare the graphics of Fallout 4 on PC on low medium high and ultra graphics settings. This is a detailed comparison that shows most of the graphics settings. We did not cover all settings, because some of the settings, including texture quality or screen space reflections did not change anything at all, at least we didn't notice any changes. This might be a bug which will be fixed in upcoming patches.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Fallout 4 auf dem PC auf niedrigen, mittleren, hohen und sehr hohen Grafik-Einstellungen. Dieser detaillierte Vergleich deckt den Großteil der Einstellungsmöglichkeiten ab, aber nicht alle. Manche Optionen verändern nichts, obwohl man sie umstellt. Das ist uns zum Beispiel bei der Texture Qualität und bei den Screen Space Reflexionen passiert. Es könnte sich um einen Bug handeln, der in späteren Patches noch behoben wird.

Music: captured from Main Menu

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Titan
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16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
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500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX

Our second system:
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Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50 GHz
GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB

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  • LeteGritime Alex

    I'd use low if shadows on bushes and trees aren't important.

  • PoweredByMaverick

    I spent $1,017 in total for my new PC (Including monitor + mouse and keyboard) and I'm so happy with it because I can run this game on max settings with a solid 60fps :D

  • Todd Michaels

    is the ps4 just basically the PC settings on low?

  • Fabian Ungureanu

    Can I play Fallout 4 on ultra settings on a ASUS Gaming Laptop? Specs are: i7 6700HQ 2.6GHz (3.5 GHz boost), GeForce 960M GTX 4GB, 16GB RAM.

  • MT Game Caster

    where is different ?!?$21

  • Gerardo Velazquez

    it looks awesome i dont know why people bash the game for graphics for fucks sake they liked Minecraft such boring game to me

  • MrPaperPlate

    low isn't that bad

  • Artisankat Studios

    Instant Ultra quality mod: Squinting my eyes.

  • Gary Jamieson

    if you've got a low end pc like me turning down anti aliasing or turning it completely off will improve performance and removing shadows via mods

  • Vision

    IDK why I cant run this game on low with 60 FPS, Specs:GTX 1050G4560 Processor4GB RAMH110-K ASUS MotherboardI can barely even get 20 fps.

  • LG435

    High 1080p60? Intel Core i7 6700HQ16GB DDR4-2133GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

  • Wensleydale

    Half the settings seem to make virtually no difference visually. The biggest fails seem to be the jaggedy-ass shadows (a Bethesda specialty, so no surprises there), and the anti-aliasing. Even the low-end textures look pretty respectable, so running the game on a weak-sauce system is totally feasible without the whole thing looking like a train-wreck.

  • Simon

    1:23 minecraft + fallout 4 mod

  • JMFatycake

    Been playing on low graphics with the lowest screen resolution and i still fuckin love the game

  • Poly Wog

    I really hated the ambient OST for this game I really feel Zur fucked this installment of the franchise as far as music goes

  • Glorval MacGlorvas

    O.o Imagine this: Fallout 4 for the HTC vive. o.o

  • Seemore Butts

    on the first test I think low was the best

  • Gábor

    This is what i love about next gen games is that they dont look absolute garbage even on low settings

  • Triggerino Kripperino

    If im goona bother putting it on low it should actually look far worse than ultra, no fucking wonder the requirements for games are so high right now, dont even bother to optimize for budget builds

  • Anonymous Gamer

    low shadows look like skyrim ultra shadows

  • Boats_R_Cool

    not to brag or anything but.... i run ultra and grim wolf alone Enb with 4k textures

  • Bretter Shoalar

    The medium settings for the shadows really got me! A shadow on the ground looks 'washened out' and not so sharp as seen in ultra settings.The kitchen and some other solids in F4 still look a bit plastic. However the best you can get is with the mid, mid-to-high AA settings. PLUS checking some buffing through Nvidia software.

  • IggyDoesStuff

    For some reason high shadows looks smoother to me

  • ConTii!

    Console version is literally Low Settings on PC and 30 fps, so sad

  • ARTxHuayra

    Thanks to optimizators work, that i can play in a low settings while i have weak PC

  • The Royal

    I7 6700k (4.00 ghz )16 GB DDR4GeForce 980 Ti 6GBCan i play at Ultra ?

  • Skeptar

    Can i run atleast 30fps with-Geforce GT 730-Ghz 3.8-AMD FX-4300-8 GB Ram

  • Lime Emil

    Rly Nice video ty keep up the great work

  • Fukky

    2:56 Wetness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jesse PlaysGames

    Theres a difference in shadow quality

  • DarkRickle

    you are doing a great job my friend keep it up, you are the best

  • MostCore Limited

    Shadow Quality and Wetness are the most important settings in the game

  • Jacob

    I play Fallout New Vegas on Low/medium-low, 25-30 fps, sometimes 50-60 fps, intel i3 3110m, HD graphics 4000.. Yes, I play on laptop, and yes, I'm Happy, because mooooooooods, main story and side quests AND companions with their side quests are fantastic, next I'm gonna play Fallout 4, main character quotes and idea with answer options (sarcastic etc.) are hilarious and good new solutions for game. Graphic difference? Pfff, more grass and it's all, fuck the grass, I don't need it, I always OFF it.Sorry for my shitty english, learning english in polish schools is more shitty.

  • Mr.Mλciej - Radioactive Edition

    i don,t se diffrence in texture quality

  • Weeb trash

    Just use mods my guy

  • Granola

    really helpful thank you

  • Enki Merlin

    game looks great even on low settings, guess it's all about the smaller details like water effects, rituals etc.

  • SrPorongoza

    como cuando en low se ve mejor que en ultra :V un clasico :V okno :V

  • Chris Mac

    Hey! You used a picture of me at 5:00. I expect royalties

  • Sanip

    Yeaa,a pistol can't do this fk hole in a wall,seriously

  • Chef Mike

    If anyone is wondering, godrays are a scam.

  • dront

    судя по видео, на low - лучшая графика))

  • garrett555gamer

    There is really not much difference. Except for foliage and shadow quality.

  • Matei Bobes

    Skyrim vs Fallout 4??? i say Skyrim but not so sure...

  • GamExpertVideos

    I prepared medium because it still looks good and 120+ fps constant

  • Melih Çelik

    I have a gtx870M (yea its a laptop suckaa), and high-medium(mostly high) setting only with the expection of Anti Alliasing on low (fxaa) works with 40-45 fps. But the gameplay is not good. It feels like 20 fps. What a poorly made port, the difference on gameplay bothers me so much. The bad thing is, recommended setting are low and there is only 5-10 fps difference and since its not with the frequency with my screen (60 fps), it still plays like its 20 fps. I dont get this. I want to play this game, but that buggish thing bothers me so MUCH, i cant play

  • ChWLT

    На низких играет элита:)

  • trollface

    como se puede desgubear una parte de una mision


    i have a question lets say i have low graphics card and i bump my laptop to 16gb ram would that increase my fps a lot!!!

  • Lefty Hara

    godrays?? um, it's called "volumetric lighting".

  • Aidan Hsu

    console vs medium vs pc

  • YingzZ

    Often you cant see a real difference, guess Fallout 4 is one of those games in which even low is looking good

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