Fallout 4 : Texture Optimization Project

Easy. Interactive. Step-by-step.
Fallout 4 : Texture Optimization Project
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0:17 Introduction *
0:19 What is Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project
1:09 High Resolution Texture Pack
1:39 Why do I have to do this?

2:05 Prerequisites *
2:06 Fallout 4 Creation Kit
2:35 WinRAR or 7zip

2:40 Setup *
2:42 Downloading TOPs
3:10 Folder Creation
4:18 .ba2 backups

5:16 Texture Optimization *
5:18 Unpack .ba2
5:51 Optimize Textures
6:35 Repack ba2
7:19 Clear Folder

7:48 Final Notes *
7:50 Non-Replacer .ba2
8:08 Loose Files
8:40 Delete Backups

8:57 Thank You's and References *

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  • Mathias DirEl

    Another suggestion for those the video progresses too fast for: in YouTube-player ‘settings,’ select ‘speed,’ then select a slower/faster setting than current.

  • megakoirakoira

    Is it possible to install this if I only have Fallout 4 VR? It seems that I can't install Creation Kit without Fallout 4...

  • GamerPoets

    Please consider helping others in the comments. We all start somewhere.***Important Time Saving Info & Notes***Fallout 4 Playlist : https://goo.gl/cL9ibVTUTORIAL NAVIGATION------------------------------0:17 Introduction0:19 What is Fallout 4 Texture Optimization Project1:09 High Resolution Texture Pack1:39 Why do I have to do this?2:05 Prerequisites2:06 Fallout 4 Creation Kit2:35 WinRAR or 7zip2:40 Setup2:42 Downloading TOPs3:10 Folder Creation4:18 .ba2 backups5:16 Texture Optimization5:18 Unpack .ba25:51 Optimize Textures6:35 Repack ba27:19 Clear Folder7:48 Final Notes7:50 Non-Replacer .ba28:08 Loose Files8:40 Delete Backups8:57 Thank You's and ReferencesNOTES------------On Screen Annotations-YouTube removed the ability to create new ones as of May 2, 2017. Old ones were to remain functional. Recently many of my annotations are linking improper times and I can't fix them due to YouTube. My only option is to remove on screen notations. Please use the Time Stamps above (or in the description) to navigate the video.Forward Slashes not Back SlashesI said the wrong thing verbally but I show it correctly in the video. Thank you Tim.Hi Res DLC: -Still doesn't work w/T.O.P. as of 7/20/17.ba2 Files to be optimized: -DLCCoast - Textures.ba2-DLCNukaWorld - Textures.ba2-DLCRobot - Textures.ba2-DLCWorkshop01 - Textures.ba2-DLCWorkshop02 - Textures.ba2-DLCWorkshop03 - Textures.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures2.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures3.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures4.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures5.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures6.ba2-Fallout4 - Textures9.ba2PowerShell:-Stop using it! =) A lot of people say it doesn't work. Use CMD as the video shows. I have windows 10. I have CMD. Search CMD on your system.Archive2 Crashing?-Try placing the work folders and Archive2 on the same drive and restart your PC. -Terminus Lord-Try Re-validating game files. A large portion were corrupted. -Mad0racleCommand Window:-robocopy C:\Users\<UserName>\Desktop\Working\2 C:\Users\<UserName>\Desktop\Working\1 /s /xlTOPs .bat file created by Shambles1980TRealOne-I haven't tried it but I've heard positive things = ) This should help to streamline the process. Feel free to check it out: https://goo.gl/6MWUUaCurious about file sizes?-Watch Hill shared his testing with me. Results are below in this comment thread.TOPs .bat file created by Lu5ck:-Helps to speed up and automate the process. He has posted in the comments but I have copied and pasted it as a reply to THIS pinned comment below. I have not tried it out (as many of you who know me know that I'm already jumping into the next tutorial) but feel free to check it out = )Alternate CMD window procedure by McCracken:-For those who don't use the mouse much or prefer a secondary approach check the replies to this pinned comment.Bobby Pins via Shambles1980TRealOne:-Are black instead of Bronze.Share and help us grow. =)-Michael

  • Rhaevyn Hart

    Finally got it all sorted. Thanks for this video, it made my brain hurt LOL, but once you get it going (I wrote down the steps in Notepad) it's fairly easy.

  • Andy Lopazan

    i cant find archive2 in my tools folder what do i do

  • Mathias DirEl

    Incredibly helpful!!Have suffered by mouse-input-lag (despite “bMouseAcceleration=0,” and “iPresentInterval=0”); Now, it feels highly responsive.Thank you!!!

  • Neil Derr

    Is anyone able to tell me if this would have any positive effects if I was running the mod Vivid Fallout? GTX 970. I5 7600k.

  • Ajay Gujar

    I followed the instructions carefully and got the mod to work. It really gave a great boost to FPS but there was a problem, a lot of things like the walls of any house, the skin of the main character, some Bridges and a few more things were "purple" in colour. Is it because I used powershell instead of CMD?....I only used powershell because CMD was not opening.

  • Aaron Holt

    Would you be able to specify exactly how many of the ba2 files marked "Textures" there are for the GOTY edition? I have about 15 and have looked through the folder several times, but in my limited experience with PC modding there's always one thing that's bound to be left out. A strange request I know, but you're the king of breaking these things down and explaining in minute detail, which I appreciate you for immensely.

  • JP Stone

    Thanks for the Mod and video.Going through this process has given me an appreciation for how much work and how many files are involved in creating a game and by extension a MOD of this scope. Much Obliged!!!

  • TomkhaLoL

    So I did this yesterday and today my steam decided to just redownload the texture files, can I do something so it doesn't happen again? Did I miss something?

  • lordsophus

    this is the best how to install x video i have seen

  • Zed's animations

    there is no archive 2 video

  • Zygster Gaming

    Only seems to work for Windows 10, because the Command Prompt is not Accessible in Windows 7 or windows 8 in the manner shown, nor will Windows 7 allow you to add the file paths without " marks, giving an error instead of anything else so you have to type in cd\ to get to the C: Prompt, then type in cd\Users\User Name\Desktop\Working to get it to work for Windows 7 & 8 Users then follow the rest of the instructions.

  • Peace OneMuhammad

    5:59 I only have "open powershell windows here" instead of "open command windows here" does it work?edited: Nevermind, I manage to return the "open command windows here" by google it

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